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  Due to circumstances beyond our control, the tax sale is postponed until September 14, 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience. The list of delinquent taxes will be published in The Lusk Herald starting August 17, 2022.

County Treasurer - Property Tax - Tax Sale

Tax Sale List

Tax Sale Information
Date: September 14, 2022
Time: 9:00 AM

Registration: 8:30 AM (Please complete Form W-9)
Niobrara County Courthouse
424 South Elm Street
Lusk, WY

General Information
The treasurer does not sell property at the tax sale, but sells the county's tax lien on the property.
The county recovers the loss of uncollected property tax revenue at the annual tax sale. The county sells its tax lien on real property to attending purchasers for the amount of taxes, interest, and costs associated with the sale. The notice of sale along with the properties listed for sale, must be published for three consecutive weeks in a legal newspaper within the county. The Lusk Herald is the local newspaper. State statute provides a tax lien purchaser interest at 15% per annum in addition to a 3% penalty the day of purchase. Subsequent year taxes may be paid by the purchaser and also earn 15% interest. The holder of a certificate of purchase is entitled only to a lien on the land, and has no rights to make improvements or use of the land until the period of redemption has expired and a lawful tax deed is issued by the Treasurer.

Four years from the date of the tax sale, the Treasurer will accept applications and issue tax deeds for unredeemed real property to purchasers upon proof of compliance with the statutory notice requirements. A tax deed cannot be issued by the County Treasurer after six years have lapsed since the original date of sale.

Niobrara County does not warrant title to the property when selling the tax lien. It is a buyer beware market.

Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. the day of the sale. Participants are asked to be registered by 8:45 a.m. as the sale will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. All registrants are required to complete a W-9 Form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) for the reporting of interest earned to the IRS. Upon registration, participants are given a number. Each individual may have a total of three (3) representatives (including him/herself). Only one number per person is allowed. Participants must be eighteen years of age.

The numbers will be drawn out one at a time and the investor with the matching number will choose the parcel they want and then the process will be repeated until all parcels are sold.

All liens purchased at the sale must be paid at the Niobrara County Treasurer's Office by noon the day of the sale or another buyer will be found. At the time of payment, receipts will be issued. Cash, checks and certified funds are accepted methods of payment. Returned checks may result in the loss of liens purchased.

Certificate of Purchase
A Certificate of Purchase is issued to the purchaser of a tax lien the day of the tax sale. Niobrara County maintains custody of the certificates of purchase. As redemption occurs, this office will send payment directly to the purchaser.

At the time of redemption the following is collected: the CP amount, a 3% penalty on the CP amount, interest on the CP amount at 15% per year, any subsequent taxes paid by the CP holder, interest on the subsequent taxes at 15% per year and a redemption fee. Application for a tax deed can be made no earlier than four years from the date of sale after complying with specific notice requirements set forth in Wyoming Statute 39-13-108. A tax deed cannot be issued by the county treasurer after six years have lapsed since the original date of sale.

Subsequent Year Taxes
A certificate holder is under no obligation to pay subsequent taxes. Subsequent taxes, when paid by the certificate holder, attach to the original lien and earn the same rate of interest (15%) as the original certificate. When paying subsequent year taxes, this office needs the CP number along with the CP holder's name.

The legal owner of the property may redeem taxes sold at the tax sale. To redeem, the owner must pay to the Treasurer's Office the amount of tax sold at the sale, a 3% penalty, 15% simple interest, and a redemption fee. Any subsequent year taxes paid by the certificate holder must also be paid, with interest, at the time of redemption.

Tax Deeds
If the legal owners or mortgagees of property do not redeem the property within four years from the date of the sale, holders of Certificates of Purchase can apply for a tax deed by submitting an application showing that they have complied with strict notice requirements. If all requirements have been met, the Certificate of Purchase holder will be given a tax deed to the property. We strongly suggest that you retain an attorney to help you with the tax deed application process. Office personnel are not authorized to provide legal advice, nor answer questions pertaining to legal issues.

Historical Data      
Tax Year Date Held Parcels Sold Patrons Attending
2020 07/22/2021 21 29
2019 07/22/2020 16 19
2018 07/24/2019 23 35
2017 07/25/2018 20 36
2016 07/19/2017 45 26
2015 07/27/2016 50 31
2014 08/11/2015 23 10
2013 07/23/2014 22 35
2012 07/18/2013 27 42
2011 07/26/2012 66 47
2010 07/21/2011 31 33
2009 07/22/2010 42 24
2008 07/23/2009 31 18
2007 07/30/2008 13 16
2006 07/25/2007 28 16
2005 08/01/2006 27 25




















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