County Clerk
Becky Freeman
424 South Elm Street
P.O. Box 420
Lusk, WY 82225
  Phone: 307-334-2211
Fax: 307-334-3013
2022 Primary

Offices Up For Election - Candidate Filing For Primary Election

  • All Federal and State races are posted with the WY Secretary of State
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    Niobrara County Races
  • County Commissioner (2)
    • Elaine Griffith (R)
    • Patrick Wade (R)
  • County Coroner
    • Peter W. Pier (R)
  • County Attorney
    • Anne K. Wasserbuger (R)
  • County Sheriff
    • Tom Bleming (R)
    • Kelly L. Dean (R)
    • Randy Starkey (R)
    • Dan Assman (R)
  • County Clerk
    • Becky L. Freeman (R)
  • County Treasurer
    • Keri Thompson (R)
  • County Assessor
    • Teri Stephens (R)
  • Clerk of the District Court
    • Chrisanna Lund (R)
  • Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen
    • Jeb Hanson (R)3-2 Hat Creek
    • Roxanne T. Sharp (R)3-2 Hat Creek
    • Nolan Brott (R)6-2 S. Lusk
    • Richard D. Pullen (R)6-2 S. Lusk
    • Janae Miller (R)4-1 Lance Creek
    • Colby Thurston (R)4-1 Lance Creek
    • Kit Nelson-Bartschi (R)6-1 N. Lusk
    • Rick L. Zerbe (R)6-1 N. Lusk
    • Crystal L. Zerbe (R)6-1 N. Lusk
    • Kristen Zerbst-Stauffer (R)1-2 Warren
    • Boe Simmons (R)1-2 Warren
    • Danny W. Cushman (R)6-2 S. Lusk
    • Jane L. Bakalian (R)6-2 S. Lusk
    • Barbara K. Cushman (R)6-2 S. Lusk
    • Sara Travnicek (R)7-1 Manville
    • Thomas Dunlap (R)7-1 Manville

Filing for Office-

  • County Offices – Application for Nomination by Party Primary
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