Clerk of District Court
Chrisanna Lund
  Deputy Clerk
Mandy Pruitt
424 South Elm Street, Second Floor
P.O. Box 1318
Lusk, WY 82225


Phone: 307-334-2736
Fax: 307-334-2703



Filing Fee Information
Effective July 1, 2023

All fees are to be paid by cash or check at the time of filing. 

Filing fees for District Court are allotted to three different entities.  For example, the filing fee for a Civil case in District Court is one hundred ten dollars ($110.00), plus a forty dollar ($40.00) Court Automation Fee, plus a ten dollar ($10.00) Civil Legal Services Fee. 

The Court Automation Fee is used by the Wyoming Supreme Court for the purchase, maintenance, and operation of computer hardware and software to enhance the communication, records, and management needs of the courts of the State of Wyoming.  The Civil Legal Services Fee is used by the Wyoming Supreme Court to provide funding for Indigent Civil Legal Services in the State of Wyoming.  Effective July 1, 2023 pursuant to Wyoming Statute 5-3-206(a)(x). 

Please contact the Clerk of District Court Office with any questions regarding the breakdown of fees.

Filing Fees
Adoption $160.00
Civil $160.00
Claim for Child Support Abatement $10.00
Confidential Intermediary for Adoption Information $160.00
Domestic Relations $160.00
Estate/Probate $160.00
Guardianship and Conservatorship $160.00
Objection to Claim of Abatement $10.00
Registration of Foreign Judgment $160.00
Re-Open for Modification $160.00
Transcript of Judgment $160.00
Jury Demand Fees  
6 Person Jury $50.00
12 Person Jury $150.00
Appeal to District Court  
District Court Fee
(Write check to Clerk of District Court)
Appeal to Supreme Court  
District Court Fee
(Write check to Clerk of District Court)
Supreme Court Fee
(Write check to Supreme Court)
Pro Se Domestic Relations Packets  

Packet includes instructions and forms for Pro Se (do it yourself) Divorces, Modifications, Orders to Show Cause, Establish Custody, Visitation and Support, Abatements, etc.

The packets can also be printed for free at:

Other Fees  
Copies from Files (per Document) $1.00 first page

additional pages

$0.50 each
Court Certification and Seal $0.50 per document
Authentication $5.00 per document
Record Search $10.00 per surname
Fax/Email Filing  
Please first call (307) 334-2736 for permission to file by fax or email.  
Please use to file by email.  
Fax/email filing cannot exceed 10 pages.  
Original must be mailed immediately. $1.00 per page attached
Send or Receive Fax/Email Filing Fee $1.00 per page
Please make checks and money orders payable to Clerk of District Court.




















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